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Technical Editing Services

Having spent the majority of my working life in the IT Industry testing a vast number of financial websites and applications, crunching numbers and playing with spreadsheets, I have now switched my focus from computer code to yarn.

I offer a full technical editing service for both knitting and crochet patterns. I have a passion to help you ensure that your patterns are written in a way that is easy to understand, consistent and accurate from a mathematical point of view. This not only makes them technically correct but also gives the end user the best possible experience in producing the end product. There is nothing worse than struggling to follow a pattern or worse still having to frog a number of rows to correct an error. This has happened to me in the past and it is not only frustrating but you also begin to loose faith in the pattern itself. Well written and accurate patterns make for a much greater knitting and crochet experience and will encourage future pattern purchases.

Areas I focus on when tech editing a pattern:

When tech editing a pattern I will check every line in detail, including but not limited to the items listed below.

  • All the maths is correct - pattern repeats, increases, decreases.

  • Row and stitch counts produce the correctly sized garment using the stated tension.

  • All charts and written instructions are correct and  match each other.

  • All abbreviations used are listed and any special    stitches are listed and clearly explained.

  • Adherence to a style guide if one has been provided.

  • Ensure the pattern is written in a consistent manner and it flows clearly.

  • Confirm all pictures and schematics accurately depict the finished product.


Once I have completed my review of the pattern I will make suggestions and recommendations, the decision about whether to make these changes will always be yours.

I can check all garment types including multiple sized jumpers and cardigans, socks, baby items, accessories and cover a range of techniques including intasaria, fairisle, cables and more.

Next steps...

If you would like to discuss working together then please either email me at or use the contact us form.

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