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Hi, I am Caroline, the face behind Yarn Focus. I was taught to knit as a child by my Grandmother and Mother and it is a hobby that has stayed with me ever since. It still fascinates me what can be created using some yarn and a pair of needles and a hook.

I taught myself to crochet a few years ago and have been learning ever since. I love experimenting with different techniques, the lastest ones being Overlay and Mosaic crochet.

I have a degree in Mathematics and have spent a number of years working in IT developing and testing Financial websites and applications. Together with my love of numbers and manipulation of spreadsheets, I have now swopped computer code for yarn. All the skills I have gained over the years are now being applied to knitting and crochet patterns, after all these patterns are just another form of code.

I live in rural Buckinghamshire with my partner and two cats. We enjoy spending time outdoors with nature and can often be found growing flowers and vegetables at our allotment. 

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